Independent Safety Advisory, Since 2009.
Industry excellence in workplace safety and work at heights.
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Adding safety expertise to your team

We are a dedicated team of highly experienced and well-trained safety experts, that take full ownership of your projects and deliver outcomes that exceed industry best practice.

We specialise in workplace safety systems & complete roof and facade access systems.

Available Australia-wide. Based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Responding to change in your workplace

Together, we have been facing a global pandemic; the likes of which most of today’s generations have never previously experienced. This has caused significant challenges for many businesses, with restricted operating hours and temporary changes to operating rules.

We can help you consider and manage these challenges as you and your team return to normal operations.

"We're here to help you bounce back"

Workplace Safety Systems & Advisory

Our expert safety consultants have decades of experience in risk management and safety compliance, including the development of documented systems across many sectors.

We’ll show you how to minimise risks and implement systems to ensure ongoing conformance. Our goal is to make sure your business measures up to compliance standards.

Ultimately, our proactive approach will help reduce you significantly reduce and prevent safety-related incidents.

"Advice - Direction - Support"

Facade & Roof Access Systems

For over 26 years, our team has been designing and installing systems for roof access and work at heights. Our projects include work on some of Australia’s most iconic adventure walks and climbs at the likes of the Adelaide Oval and the Q1 Building on the Gold Coast.

We provide a complete service that will ensure you understand how to use your system and guarantee the safety of those working at height.

"A system of safe work at any height"

Safety best-practice for workers & employers


An independent safety consultancy, providing expert support in the development and implementation of workplace safety systems & systems for roof and facade access.

Operating Australia wide, based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Contact us:

0418 514 753
PO Box 3207, West Hobart, TAS 7000

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