Safety in design reports for any step of the project life cycle

We help designers, consultants and client representatives evaluate the safety risks associated with the design and delivery of project works.


Safety in design reporting

All projects come with possible safety risks and hazards.

Especially for things like demolition, construction projects and improvements to existing facilities.

We provide bespoke Safety in Design Reports to architects, engineers, consultants and client representatives all throughout Australia.

An independent review by one of our safety experts can help identify potential risks early in the process. This can help to minimise or eliminate hazards early in the design process, which can lead to major time and cost savings.

The support of an expert will help ensure that you achieve the Safety in Design Reporting obligations under the WHS Act and associated Regulations.

Bespoke safety in design reports for any project

Identify the risks

Tap into our experiences from a wide variety of projects of a varying scale.

Risk assessment

Subjectively consider the level of risk created by a particular design.

Control measures

Find alternative solutions, without changing the intentions of the design.

Residual risks

Document the residual risks of the design for handover to the customer.

Why should I get help from an independent safety in design consultant?

Our role is to help identify the risks associated with a design and start the conversation about potential improvements.

We collaborate with Australian designers and consultants at key points in the design process.

As risk management experts, we provide a fresh set of eyes, backed with a vast range of experiences.  This will provide you with independence and additional validation.

Our reports can be adopted and used at every step of the project lifecycle.  They are detailed and practical for use by each stakeholder in the project lifecycle.

Safety experts who look at things in more detail

Independent risk assessment and safety in design reporting

We’ve been helping designers, architects, engineers and consultants review the hazards throughout the key lifecycle stages of major projects for over 10 years.

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